Technical Topics

Accessing Personal Email for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Web-based services (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc) are the easiest to use for the purposes of receiving an authentication code for Multifactor Authentication (MFA). If your main (home) email is not one of these web-based services, consider setting up a web-based email account just for this purpose.

If you don't want to change your email address in the Portal or TaxSlayer, then use the web-based email account to access your non-web email account.

NOTE: When using an AARP Chromebook, you will need to open an incognito browsing window and use that to access your personal Gmail account (other accounts, such as Yahoo, should be OK without an incognito window).

Click the three dots at top right of the browser, then click "New incognito window". The incognito window will have a black background. Go to the Gmail login site to access your personal email.

You should only access personal email for the purpose of MFA! Do not use Tax-Aide equipment to routinely access your email, surf the web, etc.

Use of Your Own Computer and Use of AARP Computers or Devices

As of TY2019, using your own computer has been Prohibited. To improve security, Tax-Aide has decided to PROHIBIT use of personal computers to prepare tax returns in calendar year 2020 and beyond. However, you can continue to use your own computer for training purposes and to access the Practice Lab.

Volunteers shall only use AARP or IRS-owned equipment to prepare or modify actual tax returns. This includes preparing your own personal return. Personal and Friends and Family returns must be prepared using AARP or IRS-owned equipment either on-site or at their home (but only if they have an approved Internet connection at their home). See "Internet and Router Security Requirements" topic for additional information about home Internet connections.