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Info for all Volunteers

Update Your Contact Info in the Portal

On an annul basis, please update your personal information in the AARP Volunteer Portal. Personal information includes: mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, and emergency contact info.

Please keep your supervisor informed of all changes to your volunteer status.

This information is very important, particularly in getting training materials directly delivered to you in November each year. Supervisors should ensure that all volunteer information updates are passed along in a timely manner to the ADS.

See VP01 - Accessing the Volunteer Portal for instructions on how to update your personal information at AARP.ORG.

Expense Reporting

All expense reports containing Counseling expenses (Code I) must be forwarded to the national AARP TaxAide office by June 30 each year.

Code I expenses that exceed $400 must be pre-approved by the State Coordinator. Supervisors should identify any of their volunteers likely to exceed this limit at the start of the tax season and request pre-approval no later than the second week of February each year.

You can only file to claim your Code I expenses once per year, preferably shortly after the end of the tax season.

Please login to the AARP Volunteer Portal to file your expense report. Volunteers claiming the flat-rate reimbursement need not use the Portal, but must sign the flat rate sheet provided by their Local Coordinator.

See VP09 - Submit an Itemized Reimbursement for instructions on how to submit for an expense or mileage reimbursement.

Info for Specific Roles

VP01 - Accessing The Volunteer Portal Instructions.pdf
VP09 - Submit An Itemized Reimbursement Using the Classic Form.pdf
Portal Shortcuts 2020.pdf
Local Coordinator Position Description v.2.pdf
Shift Coordinator Position Description.pdf
Client Facilitator Position Description.pdf
Counselor Position Description.pdf